Advantages of Wood Floors

Wooden floors have many advantages over other types of floors. These particular floors add style and value to both new and renovated homes. Installing these floors is not cheap though. However, wood flooring can actually outlive you if you take good care of it and perform repairs where necessary. Currently, there are numerous wood flooring options for you to choose from. Knowing which one to select all boils down to your specific needs, tastes and preferences. Here are some of the most common types of wooden floors and their underlying benefits.

Solid Wood Floors

Solid wood floors have a pretty long lifespan. These floors are very resistant to wear and tear. Wood is resilient because it comes straight from Mother Nature. Unlike man-made or laminate flooring, wood is a really good insulator. Wood does not experience sudden changes in temperature meaning it can stay warm even in the most freezing of weathers. Wood is also warm to the feet as opposed to concrete which can be very cold. Solid wood floors have been around since time immemorial and they are not expected to fade away anytime soon.

Prefinished Hardwood

You can get wooden floors in either prefinished or finished forms from your local home improvement stores or online companies. Prefinished wood is usually recommended as it allows for a greater amount of customisation where need be. Prefinished hardwood does not require any sanding meaning the installation process is not marred by piles of sawdust. You also save a lot of time on cleaning up if you get a pre-fabricated product. The prefinished pieces of wood also have their lacquers, floor vanishes and other coatings already applied. This means you do not have to wait for certain sections of your floor to dry up before moving on to the next phase of installation.

Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Some people tend to love wood just the way it is without any refinement. The raw and unrefined nature of natural wood offers a better overall look and feel if installed right. With unfinished hardwood, the floors have to be carefully installed to ensure that all joints or gaps are completely sealed before an appropriate finish can be applied. Having a uniform and level floor surface is crucial as it prevents moisture from damaging the wooden floors in future. Working with unfinished hardwood floors takes up more time and resources, but the results make it worthwhile in the end.

Flooring Surfaces and Stains

One of the key benefits of installing wooden floors is that there are unlimited surfaces and stains you can use as finishes. Some people prefer smooth surfaces while other prefer hand-scraped hardwood flooring which has a texture to it. Both are equally good options so it’s up to you to decide which option suits you best.

There are other ways you can personalize your wooden floors such as using different types of coloured stains to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. In regards to the choice of wood, you can choose from varieties of hardwood timber such as white and red oak, Brazilian Cherry or Jatoba, Hard Maple, American Cherry and many others.